Media: Max Meyer rejects second Schalke offer

On Sunday, sporting director Christian Heidel from Bundesliga club FC Schalke 04 had announced that they wanted to “clarify” the situation of the woeful midfielder Max Meyer “at short notice”, because there is already the next bad news for the Royal Blues.

According to information from “Sport Bild” and “German Press Agency”, the number 7, whose employment expires at the end of the season, have rejected another contract offer the club leaders.

Even the last offer of the Schalke club management, which Meyer would have brought an increase in his salary from 3.3 to 4.5 million euros, Meyer had knocked out at the end of last year. Now the national player and his advisor should not accept the renewed million offer.

Although it is reportedly quite in it: 5.5 million euros wave the 22-year-olds per season.

According to information from the “Bild” S04 coach Domenico Tedesco the midfielder has also given opportunities to rise in the team council and from the upcoming season as a vice-captain to act in order to take more responsibility.

After the fixed departure of Leon Goretzka Meyer should be held not only as a regular player, but also as a new leader and identification figure of the club. But the time is running and the signs are more likely to say goodbye.

“We are still ready to talk at the moment, but we also have to and will plan the new season,” said Schalke manager Christian Heidel on Tuesday the “kicker”.

According to media reports, Arsenal of the English Premier League will be interested in a free transfer Meyers in the summer. However, according to “kicker”, a concrete offer is not yet available to the native Oberhausener apart from Schalke’s offer.

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