ITF plans major changes in the Davis Cup

The Tennis World Federation ITF is making another attempt to reform the Davis Cup and make it more attractive.

According to the plans, the traditional team competition from the coming year will no longer be held in several rounds throughout the year.

Instead, a “world championship of the 18 best nations” is planned in one week in November in one place, as the association announced on Monday. But the ITF has now presented a major sponsor, which is reported to provide a huge sum.

“This is a complete redevelopment for the ITF and tennis,” said ITF boss David Haggerty. “Our vision is a grand finale at the end of the season, which will be a festival of tennis and entertainment where the best players in the world represent their countries and identify the Davis Cup champion.”

Group games scheduled in the final week

The Davis Cup has been suffering for years from the fact that many top players are not there, because the competition does not fit into their already busy schedule.

However, a first reform push to end the Davis Cup final at a neutral venue failed last year but was vetoed by the member associations. Even now, approval is not considered safe. At the next General Assembly in the US, a two-thirds majority is needed in August.

According to the plans, there will be group games in the final week before it continues from the quarter-finals with knockout mode. Each game should consist of two single and one double. So far, Davis Cup has four singles per game and a double for three days.

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