DOSB boss Hörmann: medals “an obligation”

A long respite Alfons Hörmann after the most successful Olympic Winter Games for Germany after reunification will not give his sports functionary colleagues from the associations.

“When the suitcases are unpacked and the laundry is washed, it’s time to analyze and evaluate,” announced the president of the German Olympic Sports Confederation after the end of the Olympics. After Pyeongchang is before Beijing 2022 – and before the Summer Games 2020 in Tokyo. “The countdown has begun with the end of the games in South Korea,” said Hörmann.

The 31 won medals (14 gold / 10 silver / 7 bronze) are cause for “great joy, but also an obligation” not to let up and set the course for the future. Because it will not be easy to implement the conceived competitive sports reform with new actors in German politics.

DOSB wants more money from the federal government

CSO politician Horst Seehofer as well as the new Minister of Sport will follow Federal Minister of Interior Thomas de Maizère, co-initiator of the reform and a reliable sports partner.

The incumbent at the end of the Winter Games warned him not to rest on his laurels. “The common goal of sport and politics was and is to achieve more top results for Germany in the long term,” said de Maizière, in order to “become more constant and better” in the long term – and all this clean and fair.

There will be new actors and a new minister. Because it could be that one or the other wants to change something. “That can happen,” said Hörmann and added: “This can lead to improvements or something that can not be implemented.”

Friction losses are not excluded in a change of government in Berlin. Especially since the DOSB wants to change not only structures, but because he also wants to have significantly more money from the federal government.

Cash injection for sports?

At present it is around 160 million euros and Hörmann wants 70 to 120 million plus per year: “Now comes the hour of truth,” he said. The words should be followed by deeds.

The coalition program of CDU / CSU and SPD expresses the intention to want to be strong, but it does not include a guarantee and a specific size.

“The parliament does not resist an increase in funding for the future top sport concept, if it serves comprehensibly the improvement of the framework conditions and the focus on the essential interests of the athletes,” said Dagmar Freitag, chairwoman of the sports committee of the Bundestag, the “German press agency” ,

Therefore, she asked the DOSB in writing to break down and justify his policy-directed claims. “The hitherto known blanket call for much more money, however, will not be crowned with success,” said the SPD politician.

Hörmann is optmistic

“If the reform does not progress quickly, there will be no gradual medal growth and it will not go up the ladder of success,” warned Hörmann. Then the great success of Pyeongchang will remain one-time.

He is optimistic that the fulminant Olympic appearance at the Winter Games can affect the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, although the anticipated reform effects in the summer sports federations will not be so pronounced.

“We will all pursue the long-term effect of the measures in the armchair,” Hörmann said. “But if we succeed as well as in Pyeongchang from the sum of the sub-teams to form a large Olympic team, we can hope for a good result.”

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