About us

Here at Prestige Sports UK we provide you with the best possible choice of high quality and affordable crazy fit vibration plate massage equipment. Prestige Sports UK is the leading online retailer in premium crazy fit massage equipment (vibration plate). We have a wide range of vibration plate massage equipment to cater for home or semi-commercial use. Crazy fit vibration plates help to stimulate the body’s natural responsiveness, relax the muscles and tone up your body.

With years of experience and expertise in crazy fit power plate massage equipment, Prestige Sports UK have spread out to other parts of the world including Scotland, Ireland and European Union countries. All of our vibration plates are manufactured using advanced Japanese technology and endure stringent quality control systems during the manufacturing process in order to ensure that the best quality is achieved. Crazy fit vibration plates fit into your budget perfectly without a compromise on quality. Spare parts are easily available should you have a problem, which again adds to the benefit of purchasing crazy fit vibration plate produced by Prestige Sports UK.

Our after sales customer care service takes an extremely high priority here at Prestige Sports UK. All crazy fit vibration plates have an exclusive warranty coverage and can assure you that we provide the best services in the industry. The quality of our power vibration plate equipment simply speaks for itself and is the best that currently exists on the market.

We are the one stop shop for all your crazy fit massage needs! For more information on crazy fit power vibration plate fitness equipment, please feel free to talk to our experienced advisor